DJ Oleg CheiZ - born and raised in the city of Salekhard, in a single city, located on the Arctic Circle, the northern capital of Yamalo-Nenets District, Tyumen Region. School, discos, study at the university, the whole training process took place alongside the music.

2002-2003 - active clubber and student in the field of DJing.

2004-2007 - begins to develop as a DJ as at private parties and in clubs.

2007-2008 - served in the Armed Forces.

2008-2009 - guest in clubs and bars in St. Petersburg, Kurgan and Tyumen regions.

2009-2011 - a resident of the night club "AfrikanDo". September 18, 2009 - Resident in the radio Megaport FM (Saint Petersburg) with his radio show "TECHNOlogy of Sound" - Music in the style of Tech House, Minimal Techno, Techno.

Summer 2011 - is directly involved in the opening of the club "New", which is in Labytnangi. Becoming a further his frequent guest ...

Well, the same and do not forget about the NC "Babylon" (2011-2012) Salekhard, picking up everyone and not only clubbers. On November 30 2012 - takes over control of the updated and has a new club NORD CITY, being its resident by 2014. 2013 - became a resident of the radio project '' leaves', which broadcasts on FM waves in years. Salekhard and Labytnangi, as well as in the online format.

2013 - enters into an updated IRC '' Polaris' - for the position of sound technician, spending and club events here. Also, during the autumn of 2013. as a guest visiting a bar '' OIL '', later becoming its resident.

Since 2016 leads his new radio show 'What's Up?' BASSFM.RU on radio waves.

​​​​​​​Since 2017 on the waves CUEFM.RU releases a radio show PLAY ME.
From the year 2018, the radio show 'PLAY ME' sounds on the waves of RECORD radio, the channel - BREAKS.